International Music Business Summer School

Hamburg Music's successful continuing education program, the Music Business Summer School, has also been offered throughout Europe since 2020. While the Music Publishing Summer School was the first strand to be internationalized in 2020, the Live Entertainment Summer School also followed in 2021.

The International Music Publishing Summer School (IMPSS) is aimed at employees and freelancers working in the international music publishing industry, as well as professionally experienced graduates in music, culture and media management from all over Europe.

The International Live Entertainment Summer School (ILESS) has been developed for employees of event companies and venues, graduates with practical experience in event management and self-employed persons with a close professional connection to the event business.

The training programme is supported by Music Moves Europe and the City of Hamburg. Cooperating Partners are the International Confederation of Music Publishers (ICMP), Chambre Syndicale De l'Edition Musicale (CSDEM) and Deutscher Musikverleger-Verband (DMV) as well as Reeperbahn Festival and the Music Cities Network. Hamburg Music is the organizing body. 

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  • Erste International Music Business Summer School

  • International Music Business Summer School: Neue Ausgabe im September 2021